Code Assessment Extension (CODE)

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Tutorials and documentation

Motivation for CODE

This video presents an overview of the pedagogical and technical motivations for developing and using the CODE plug-in for automated assessment of programming assignments in Canvas. This video does not go into the technical details of using and working with CODE. Those aspects are covered in other video demonstrations on this page.

Submitting solutions via CODE

This video has been produced from the perspective of a student using the CODE plug-in to submit a programming assignment via Canvas. The video covers some of the concepts underlying code and presents a demonstration of the process of submitting a solution. The video also demonstrates both an unsuccessful and successful submission by a student. The video demonstration uses an C++ program as an example. Nevertheless the same concepts also apply to submitting solutions in other programming languages as well.

Configuring an assignment via CODE

This video has been produced from the perspective of an instructor using CODE plug-in to configure a programming assignment. This video demonstrates the process that an Instructor or Teaching Assistant would use to configure a programming assignment, including:

  • The one-time setup steps that are necessary for each course.
  • The core settings for an assignment.
  • Various options that are available for each test case are described

CODE: A technical overview

This video has been produced from the perspective of a technical user or system adminstrator. The video provides overview of CODE (Canvas Plug-in) for teaching and learning programming. The video covers its design objectives and system architecture. The video also includes a quick demo of using the plug-in both from instructor and a student perspective.